About Us

The Polish Cultural Institute and Museum resides in a three-story building that was built in 1890 by the Laird-Norton Lumber Company. Originally used as an office building, it was later converted into an industrial print shop. Purchased in 1970 by Rev. Paul J. Breza, volunteers scrubbed, patched, painted, plumbed and plastered the building for six years finally turning it into an appropriate showplace for the history of Winona’s vibrant Kashubian Polish community.

The Institute and Museum also maintains Winona’s Kashubian Polish traditions through events and other initiatives. Smaczne Jablka (Apple Day) is celebrated annually along with recognition of other important holidays. Every summer, the Polish Museum sends two or three Winona high school students to Winona’s sister city of Bytow, Poland for a month, and arranges for two or three Bytow high school students to spend a month in Winona. Volunteers from the Polish Museum perform concerts, make public appearances in the Winona community, and maintain Internet resources dedicated to furthering an appreciation of Kashubian Polish culture.

Address and Phone Numbers

Polish Cultural Institute
102 Liberty St.
Winona, MN 55987
Phone: (507) 454-3431
Fax: (507) 452-5570