Board of Directors

The Polish Cultural Institute and Museum was deemed a corporation by the State of Minnesota on October 19, 1979. The services of our incorporating lawyer, David Davenport, were provided as a gift by Michael Pehler. In addition to the Rev. Paul Breza, the original incorporators were Alice Breza, Angie Peterson, Jo Caldwell, Marianne (Rice) Morrison, and Sheila and Dennis Daly.

The Polish Cultural Institute and Museum is owned entirely as a corporation gifted to a board of directors. Their efforts are all voluntary, and the museum has a tiny budget as compared to other institutions its size. The Board meets monthly, keeps minutes, and elects new members after deaths or resignations. We meet and proceed under Roberts Rules of Order.

  • Tim Breza – President
  • Adam Pingot – Secretary
  • Louise Prondzinski – Store Manager
  • Rev. Paul Breza
  • Carol Dennis
  • Jon Masyga
  • Steve Zolondek
  • John Wagenaar
  • Mary Drury



Board of Directors — 4 Comments

  1. Hello! I’m from PA but am in town for a few days so I thought I would drop by the museum. What a wonderful experience! I wish I had more time to look and learn. I’m not sure the name if the person I was speaking with (I forget) but he was so interesting and knowledgable telling me about Winona and showing me pictures. Thank you for such a nice time!

  2. Hi, Boy I started to go through my sight and WOW I couldn’t believe how it toke on a change. I love it ! Makes me Proud to be a part of the Polish Museum in Winona, MN.
    I’ll be glad to give any visitor a tour as we have much more than you think and you may have questions you would like answered. We’ll sure try
    Thank You Louise Prondzinski

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