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Welcome to the Museum and the Store – the anchor of the Polish Cultural Institute complex. The Museum takes up the first floor of the main building and contains several separate exhibits.

The Gift Shop offers a wide variety of books, souvenirs, attire, and household items – many of which were produced in the Kashubian region of Poland.




Museum and Gift Shop — 8 Comments

  1. I am looking to purchase Anne Pellowski’s book, FIRST FARM IN THE VALLEY, with illustrations by Wendy Watson. I have found several available online, but with a different illustrator.

    Can you help me?

    Anne Kratch Steinhilb

  2. I am interested in how to obtain more information about the immigration of polish families to the Winona area. My husband and my families both lived in the area prior to moving on to homestead in north Dakota. An article on your site mentions August and Julia Byzewski, they are my great-great- grandparents. I was also related to Albert and Frances Babinski who resided in that area. My husband is related to Gregory and Christina (Filla) Marynik and Jadwiga and Anton Perkerwicz. I believe all these individuals also resided on the Wisconsin side of the border from Winona.

    Di you sell any historical books that have been published about the area? Is there a way to purchase from your museum?

  3. Hello, Jean! I’m happy to say there are two excellent books about the Wisconsin side of the river, written by Ron Galewski and available through the Polish Museum of Winona. I suggest you email the museum directly for details. There is also an excellent picture book about the entire Winona-Pine Creek community: “The Kaszubian Community of Southeast Minnesota” and this is available on (to name just one place).

    Hope this helps,

  4. Interested in getting the book The Life and Adventures of Remus. Do you still stock it and can I get you to mail a copy.

  5. Do you have the book written by Ron Galewski about Dodge, WI? I have a copy, but my brother would like to buy one!
    Thank you,

  6. Where did Polish town children go to school 1880-1910? Was attending school a priority or law?
    Seems most census records show 1-4 years grade school.

    • Polish children went to the public schools, and after the early 1880s, to the Saint Stanislaus Kostka parish school. Attending school was the law, and sometimes Polish parents were formally charged with keeping their children out of school so they could work instead.

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