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This is a temporary home for a start at building a biographical dictionary of Winona’s Kashubian Polish community (although non-Kashubian Polish families and families from Trempealeau County will also be included). The family name also links to a family page or other relevant online document, such as Larry Reski’s groundbreaking series of articles at Poland to Pine Creek, Wisconsin.

Bambenek, Franciszka Julianna née Nygowska (1871-1896)
Bambenek, Jozef (1827-1883) and Marianna née Pelowska (1836-1913)
Bambenek, Leokadia Weronika née Pellowska (1892-1946)
Bambenek, Marcin Szymon (1821-1878) and Malgorzata née Stoltman (1826-1883)
Breza, Rev. Paul Joseph (1937-)
Bronk, Jozef von (1810-1863) and Franciszka née Grabska (1811-1874)
Bronk, Katarzyna née Bambenek (1861-1887)
Byzewski, Rev. Jan Romuald (1842-1905)
Cieminski, Msgr. Jozef Franciszek Darzyn (1867-1959)
Derdowski, Hieronim (1852-1902) and Joanna née Lubowiecka (1858-1929)
Dywan, Wawrzyniec (1832-1890) and Malgorzata née Bambenek (1827-1922)
Eichmann, Franciszek (1800-1891) and Katarzyna née Maszk (1808-1880)
Eichmann, Wawrzyniec (1807-1880) and Marianna née Lipinska (1814-1892)
Gara, Msgr. Jakub Wałenty (1875-1937)
Kaldunski, Piotr (1811-1898) and Julianna Konstancja née Turzynska (1823-1877)
Klawiter, Rev. Antoni (1836-1913)
Konopacki, Piotr (1827-1880) and Szarlota Weronika née Toczek (1839-1906)
Krawczyk, Mrs. Monika Barbara née Kowalewska (1887-1954)
Libera, Pawel (1834-1916) and Antonina née Dolna (1837-1920)
Milanowski, Franciszka (1883-1964)
Milanowski, Jozef (1840-1885) and Anna née Govin (1846-1925)
Pacholski, Msgr. Jakub Wałenty Jan (1862-1932)
Pellowski, Anna Rose (1933-)
Pellowski, Lawrence J. (1923-1945)
Pelowski, Franciszek (1829-1910) and Anna née Kicrer or Kajzer (1837-1895)
Radomski, Walenty von (1836-1919) and Antonina née Kowalewska (1848-?)
Rudnik, Pawel (1815-1881) and Karolina née Borszyskowska (1824-1891)
Rumpca, Franciszek (1846-1901) and Anna née Retzlaff (1850-1882)
Sikorski, Marcin (1794-1854) and Anna née Janta Połczyńska (1809-1866)
Skroch, Jakub (1804-1869) and Anna née Schwiec (1803-?)
Wieczorek, Jakub (1871-1904) and Marianna née Cierzan (1876-1961)


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  1. Interested to learn more about Kashubian community, and specifically if my great grandparents (my father’s mother’s parents) were a part of it (Stanislaus (1856-1935) and Katerina/Katherine/Kate Liberko, nee Marchewka (1866-1922)).

  2. Please stay tuned, Steven… I have a lot more I plan to be adding once my summer vacation starts. From sniffing around on, I suspect you have a pretty good handle on the Liberko/Meyer family history already. The story of how the Liberko brothers met the Marczewska sisters on the boat coming over to America is a charming one… the sort of story (hint, hint) you might consider sharing on this website. As best as I can tell, the Liberkos came from the Austrian part of Poland, which would suggest that they are not of Kashubian Polish descent. On the other hand, they lived and worked and worshiped in Winona alongside Kashubian Poles. Moreover, Winona’s Kashubian Poles had little or no sense of being Kashubian by the time Stanislaus and Kate’s kids were in school anyway. It didn’t make any difference then, nor should it today! Best, Joe

  3. I am trying to trace down my Polish maternal grandmother’s birth certificate. She was born in Pine Creek, Trempealeau, WI in Nov. 1873. I have attempted to obtain the birth certificate via WI Vital Statistics and they could not find it in their records. The name I have for her is Cecilia Bialachowski Kustelski. Her father’s name was John Biachowski or Balakarski (born in Poland). He was married three times. She was born during his second marriage to Paulina Narloch. According to the 1880 Federal Census, the only child born to Paulina was Ortelia. She was 7 years at the 1880 census, same age as my grandmother. Are the Polish names Cecilia and Ortelia similar or the same in the different languages–Polish, German, English?

    What I’d like to know is how I can obtain confirmation that my grandmother Cecilia’s mother was Paulina Narloch, and was Cecilia’s name also Ortelia? Did they at times change their names without legal papers? I wonder if the Catholic church in Pine Creek would have baptismal records of her? I have not pursued that avenue yet.

    Since I have discovered your “” site, I have added a lot of geneological information to my “Reunion” program and am very grateful to have access to your website. I have been very frustrated with some of the other websites, because they have information but will only give it to you if you pay for it. I have learned so much about my parents. They were both born and raised in Winona, MN, so all of their BIG families lived there too.

    I want to thank you for any help you can give me in tracking down my grandmother’s origins.

    Joan Walinski Morford

  4. I am looking for any information that you would have on Michael Osowski, DOB 1859-8/28/07. He married Josephine, I do not have her maiden name, they married in 1884, probably at St. Stan’s Church, her DOB 1866-4/16/27.

    I received information on another Michael Osowski, DOB 1862-12/21/1896,arrived in 1879, I am thinking they may have been related and came to America together.

    Any information you would have would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks,

    Paula Stephens

  5. I was wondering if the book of the 150th anniversary of Pine Creek WI would include some family history. I am a direct descendant of the Kiedrowski line.
    Damazi Kiedrowksi – 1865 – 1904
    Peter Kiedrowski – 1833 – 1907
    Martin Kiedrowski
    I was just wondering if this family line was included in this book. If not, do you know where I may find some other information regarding this line.

    • Brenda,

      The Kiedrowskis that settled in Minto,(Walsh Co.) ND were my dad’s cousins. A lot of history in the Walsh County Heritage books. I have several photos if you’re interested.


  6. Brenda,

    I’ve just taken another look at the Pine Creek book (I helped with writing the text) and I don’t think there is a whole lot about your branch of the Kiedrowski family. As best I can tell (and as you already know), the Peter Kiedrowski family moved from Stevens Point, Wisconsin, to Walsh County, North Dakota. There are Kiedrowskis who lived in Winona, Minnesota and/or Dodge, Wisconsin. But I believe your ancestors settled down in North Dakota during the 1880, AND 1890s. See. for example, – there is more info on if you are interested. Just let me know.


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