Kashubian Home Towns

The map below is a first attempt at displaying the home towns and villages of Winona’s Kashubian Polish community. These are indicated in black, while other important towns, villages, and cities are indicated in gray. Some of the information requires more verification (it’s been online less than 12 hours and I already need to revise it!). But as a whole it confirms the traditional view that Winona’s Kashubian Poles lived virtually side by side in the old country, too.




Kashubian Home Towns — 2 Comments

  1. I really like the map. I would suggest, though, that you use another color besides the grey. On my computer (perhaps I don’t have the best display), the black is not easily distinguishable from the grey. Others might experience the same thing.


  2. Thank you for the feedback, Judie! As you can see, I am entirely self-taught in the art of mapmaking. I’ll be updating this one after I get back from the Old Country, and changing the gray to a different color. Or should I change the black to a bright color and change the gray to black? What do I know about colors… I’m just a guy. Help!

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