Landmarks Project

This is a list of pictures and stories related to the landmarks of Winona’s Kashubian Polish community. As with the Biography Project, the selection criteria are intentionally broad. The places need not be located in Winona (Dodge and Pine Creek, for instance, are important locations), nor do they have to be related to Poles of Kashubian descent.

Original Hot Fish Shop – 351 Mankato Avenue, Winona
Original Kosciuszko School – Corner of Chatfield and Mankato, Winona
Milanowski Grocery Store – 557 East Second Street, Winona
M.J. Kowalewski Drug Store – 601 East Fifth Street, Winona
Basilica of Saint Stanislaus Kostka – 625 East Fourth Street, Winona
Winona Athletic Club – 773 East Fifth Street, Winona
Old Stone Road (Mankato Avenue) – Winona, MN
Stockton Quarry – Stockton, MN
Sacred Heart-Saint Wenceslaus Church – Pine Creek, WI
“New City” Settlement – Independence, WI

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