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The Winona Post has published numerous interesting and instructive articles about Winona’s Kashubian Polish community over the years. Many of these have been researched and written by the editor and co-founder, Frances Edstrom.

The Winona Daily News (along with its predecessors the Republican and the Republican Herald) has also published many articles about Winona’s Kashubian Poles – for literally centuries now. Many have been researched by longtime reporter and local historian Jerome Christenson.


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  1. Hi,

    Greg at the Polish American Cultural Institute of America suggested that I contact you.

    As I wrote to him:

    I’d like to relocate to the Driftless Area in southeast MN, northeast IA or Southwest WI and my criteria are:

    Safe town/neighborhood
    Polish community
    Low taxes
    Good public grammar school + Catholic grammar school
    Within 20 miles of a good sized, quality food store (the co-ops in Decorah, IA and Viroqua, WI are great for healthy food)

    I’m 3rd generation American with half of my relatives from southeast Poland and the other half Kashubian. For some reason unknown to me, the Kashubian side (culture/language) was totally ignored and that half of the family history is lost. I spent three years in Poland (Krakow, Poznan and Wroclaw) when I was in my 30’s and loved Poland and Polish culture, and learned to speak Polish rather well. My reading and writing are terrible.

    I have two sons, 40 months and 2 months old. I’d like for them to learn to speak Polish and be at least somewhat familiar with Polish culture.

    Would you please recommend a location (city/neighborhood) where we might buy a home and live in peace and happiness?

    I’d like to buy and repair a very rundown home (perhaps vacant) that is in a nice (and safe) neighborhood. I hope you know of someone who want to sell a very rundown and perhaps vacant home to me and in the process acquire for Winona a good-hearted Polish American man and his family.

    Thank you,

    Karl Gorczynski

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