New on the Website 04/29/2013

My first month as blogger and History Nerd here at has been a fairly busy one. I am endlessly grateful to Father Paul for letting me appoint myself to this lofty position. I am also grateful to our Web Administrator, Pete Kleinschmidt, for setting up this website back in the spring of 2011 and for upgrading it on very short notice earlier this month. Thanks also to Steve Boland, Associate Director of the Museum, for putting up all of those pictures, especially of the Phenomenon Solidarity Project. I know you’re extremely busy, Steve, but remember to bring your camera to the Polish Constitution Day festivities this Saturday!

I have tried this month to avoid fixating on any one aspect of the website. A little history here, a little genealogy there, with news updates as needed on the home page. I would very much welcome any feedback whatsoever: what would you like to see more of, or know more about? Is there any news or information you would like to share about yourself or your family? Please don’t hesitate to contact me – my email is kaszubian AT, and I would be delighted to hear from you.

Do uzdrzenio!

About Józef Jan Hughes

Native of Oak Creek, WI now living (26 years and counting), in Springfield, MO. Son of ex-Winonans Raymond and Laura (Bambenek) Hughes; half Kashubian Polish on Mom's side. In honor of my grandfather Jan Karol "John C." Bambenek (1891-1966) I'm trying out the Polish spelling for a while.

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