Polish Pottery Sale – Aug. 14, 2017

After a yearlong wait, the museum has received an order of 4000 lbs. of pottery direct from Poland.  We have pottery everywhere and to make space for this new inventory, we are having a Polish pottery sale in our museum gift shop. Prices are quite low when compared with other stores because we buy direct with no middle man and our clerks are volunteers.

The sale is being held every Friday and Saturday in August, 10:00 am. to 3:00 pm in the Museum Gift Shop.

Lubiana pottery is noted for its very white clay and Polish designs. We have many new styles along with our old standbys. Some of the new designs are trimmed with 10k gold making them very attractive. There is also a large selection of coffee cups in many different sizes.

Now is the time to think of Christmas gifts for family or friends, or something special just for you.

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