Student Ambassadors to Poland

This summer, three high school students from Winona, MN are taking part in an extraordinary opportunity.  Cole, Kate, and Joana have been given the chance to travel to Poland to experience the culture of the city of Bytow, the sister city of Winona.  The Polish Museum has sponsored their month long trip in an attempt to stimulate a love of heritage in this next generation.  Based on e-mails and pictures received, it seems to be working!

Cole has this to say:
“Poland is very fun we have been traveling around most of Pomerania and seem the coast and much more. We have spent a night on an island with no electricity as well as tried many traditional Polish foods that all seem to be very delicious. I am having a lot of fun and I wish we could stay longer. We all meet up every few days to hang out and the rest we are with just our family. Also I took chemistry classes with Chris and I got a diploma yay me.”

Here are a few pictures of their adventures! Included are images of the three students, Bytow, churches, some interesting meals, and other things they are experiencing. Enjoy!


Student Ambassadors to Poland — 1 Comment

  1. Hello Cole, Kate and Joana,
    Wishing you a lot of fun in my ancestry home! Peace and safe travels.
    Mrs. Elfering

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