Wedding Dresses

Since 2013, the Polish Museum’s Collections Project Manager Mara Streberger has been conducting a detailed wall-to-wall inventory of the Polish Museum’s holdings. The inventory is funded by Minnesota Historical and Cultural Heritage Grants through the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. In a recent Winona Daily News article, contract museum registrar Rose Kubiatowicz of St. Paul discusses the recent discovery of several uncatalogued antique wedding dresses.

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Native of Oak Creek, WI now living (26 years and counting), in Springfield, MO. Son of ex-Winonans Raymond and Laura (Bambenek) Hughes; half Kashubian Polish on Mom's side. In honor of my grandfather Jan Karol "John C." Bambenek (1891-1966) I'm trying out the Polish spelling for a while.


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  1. Do you know if the wedding dress of Barbara Wolsczon Przybylski has been found. I donated it many years ago as it belonged to my grandmother.

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